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Pikes Peak Region - About Woodland Park, Divide, and Florissant


About Woodland Park, Colorado
Woodland Park, Colorado, aptly named "The City Above the Clouds," rests 18 miles west of Colorado Springs at an elevation of 8,465 feet. Approximately 7,600 residents call Woodland Park "home."

Woodland Park real estate is famous for the beautiful mature stands of pine, spruce, and aspen trees that are in abundance. In fact, Woodland Park is located within one million beautiful acres of the Pike National Forest. Scenic views seem to be offered from every Colorado mountain property. Driving anywhere in the Rampart Range and Rocky Mountain region becomes a pleasure, not a chore.

A home in Woodland Park offers all the charm and desirability of "small town living," while still being within a 20-minute drive of Colorado's second largest city, Colorado Springs.

Although the snow-capped beauty of Pikes Peak is usually visible throughout the year, Woodland Park still averages over 300 days of sunshine per year!

Offering hiking, fishing, biking, horseback riding, snow-mobiling, and skiing, Woodland Park is the perfect place for the family that enjoys the great outdoors. World-class alpine ski resorts such as Breckenridge are within a 90-mile drive. The Pike National Forest offers marked summer and winter trails for year-round adventure. One trip through Teller County and you will easily see why Woodland Park real estate is so popular.

Incorporated in 1891, Woodland Park was originally a "sawmill town," providing railroad ties and mining timber for the nearby gold mining towns of Cripple Creek and Victor. Today, tourism is the major fuel for the local economy.

About Divide, Colorado
Continuing west seven miles from Woodland Park (25 miles from Colorado Springs), you find the town of Divide, Colorado.

Divide is a community of about 4,000 year-round residents. Facing the north slope of Pikes Peak, Divide sits an elevation of 9,260 feet.

Mountain properties, land for sale, or mountain homes for sale are all available in Divide.

During the Colorado "gold rush," Divide, located in the center of Teller County, served as the ideal place for the railroad to connect the mining towns of Cripple Creek and Victor to the city of Colorado Springs. Farmers and ranchers also used this opportunity to transport goods to market.

Development is controlled in Divide to ensure views are not obstructed and building is appropriate for a rural community. Teller County real estate is at its best in the Divide area. Divide also serves as the perfect launching place for trips to many state and national parks.

About Florissant, Colorado
Want to get farther away from the city? Florissant, Colorado may be the perfect place for you. Travel another 7 miles west of Divide on Highway 24, (14 miles from Woodland Park, 32 miles from Colorado Springs) and you find Florissant, Colorado.

Love the outdoors? Florissant is home to the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, within minutes of Eleven Mile Reservoir, near the breathtaking Wilkerson and Ute passes and beautiful South Park. Is it your dream to have horses? Live in a Colorado mountain property? Ski? Enjoy Nature's beauty? All of these things are a way of life in Florissant, Colorado.

Like so many towns in Colorado, Florissant, settled in 1870, got a tremendous boost from the Colorado "gold rush."