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Pikes Peak Region - Tips on Selling Your Home


There are two basic areas to address in preparing your home for sale. Perhaps the hardest part is separating your emotional ties to the property from your desire to sell and make the best business transaction possible. Undoubtedly, you are proud of your home. Your home probably has many good memories.

To successfully sell your home, you need to accept that you have made the decision to move on to your next home and now must do everything possible to convince buyers that this is "the right home for them."

"One man's treasures are another man's…"

Did you ever notice that every time you move you ask, "How did we get so much stuff?" We all do. One of the biggest secrets in selling your home is to make it look open, uncluttered, bright, and "ready" for a new family. To accomplish this, we recommend that you remove excess furniture, pictures, awards, etc. Again, we want the buyer to see the possibility for his or her family's belongings. With this in mind, the second area in preparing your home for showing should include the list of items available on this FREE .pdf document available for you to download.

Free Tips on Selling Your Home

Simply click on the link below to download the list which you can then print out and check off the items as you complete them.

Free Tips on Selling Your Home