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Pikes Peak Region - Pre-Listing Package

Congratulations! You've chosen the best and decided to list your property with The Roshek Group. What happens now?

  1. One of our Listing Specialists will meet you at the property, take a tour, and begin taking notes.
  2. The Specialist will explain the requirements and benefits of inspections. More information on inspections follows in this section.
  3. You will be given a "pre-listing" package to begin completing prior to meeting with the Listing Specialist at our office. The more complete and accurate you are able to complete the forms, the quicker the listing process will proceed and our team will go to work marketing your property. All of these forms follow in this section and you may begin the process as soon as you wish.
  4. Our Selling Listing Specialist will then set an appointment for you to come to our office. This appointment may take as long as two hours.
  5. Our Listing Specialist will review a contract for us to work together, answering any questions you may have.
  6. After discussing the market, our Specialist will discuss your selling price. Once agreed upon, the contract is completed. It is best if you can provide us with a key to your home at that time.
  7. By appointment our in-house photographer will visit your property and take several pictures. This person will borrow your building plans if available or measure each room in your home.
  8. The Listing team will then list your property, complete with pictures, into the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) setting many marketing initiatives into motion.
  9. One of our team members will bring a sign, lock box, and brochures (complete with an exterior display box) to your home.

    (Items 5-9 are normally done within 2 business days after the contract is signed)

Pre-Listing Package Reports

The following links are downloadable pdf documents that you will need to fill out and return to The Roshek Group.

(Click on links below to download them to your computer where you can print them out and fill in the information requested.)